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Art- Harry Potter, figure study, etc

Well, since Julia encouraged me, this is my art. The majority of it is Harry Potter fanart because, well, I'm a HP-fanwhore, and I can't really help it. :) They make very good subjects, those characters do. Er, anyway-

PASTELS ARE HARD =O But, with that said, I still kind of like this. I didn't start with a pencil base or anything, so that's why the majority of it looks royally screwed. I still like the skin, and nose, though unfortunately the scanner didn't really do it any justice at all. Like the title says, all I did was look in the mirror and draw me, not exactly as a self portrait, but just as a reference-type-thing. It does resemble me in some ways. XD But not a lot.

Hahaha. Remus/Hermione= OTP 4EVAR BAYBEE. XD Now- there are some definitely flaws with this. I don't really like much about Hermione at all, but... ad;lkjfn;akjd;flkja;lkdfj Remus looks just how I pictured in my mind, so I consider that an accomplishment. That weird mark on his upper lip is the beginning of a moustache. LOL, the moustache just works for Remus, I think. This actually start out as a threesome!pic (Hermione/Ron/Harry=OT3), but when I started on Ron, I couldn't help but think that Remus should be there! And Harry was just.. not working. At all. So, voila!

Even though this drawing is old, and is basically a lot worse than what I'm doing now, it still remains very dear to me, because I think it was around this time that I actually realized "I might be good at this!". It's a drawing of the always beautiful Catherine Zeta Jones.

This was done for my Studio Art class much earlier this year, in fact, I think late 2004. It looks better in person, but I still like it, because it was a quick drawing that turned out a lot better than I thought it would. No face, heh. That wasn't supposed to be the focus of the assignment of course, it just looks a bit wonky to me without one, though. o_O

This is a little watercolor of flowers that my brother Robby photographed. It was my first time with the watercolor that comes in a tube, not in those little tray things. I like it a lot, simply because it's a much different subject than I usually use. I used Prismacolor marker to make those little lines through it; it was a very quick job, and I'm not saying it's top quality, but... I still do like it. It's just pretty and a little different, and for that I'm happy with it.

Hee hee hee. Remus/Hermione is my OTP, and when I saw this perfume ad, I was like, I MUST DRAW IT. LOL. This was procured at about 1AM, so I got really sloppy at the end, because I was tired. I still like it, though, and it's certainly a bit of a.. departure from the other pieces I've done. O_o XD

This is a portrait of Ginny Weasley, as an adult, as far as I can tell. It doesn't contain her freckles, but I couldn't really think of how to put them on, as I don't have a wide selection of colors to choose from in my marker collection. Something is... off about the face; I'm not sure what. Still, as a very first attempt with the markers, it's not bad, from my perspective.

This piece is my darling! Seriously, I am so excited about how well it came out. Squee! I think I'm improving. The scan made the shading on the shirt look a bit harsh, but it's not too horrid. Just... ! I'm too happy over how this came out. Hee!

And.. there it is! I think I have some stuff up at deviantart ( that's not on LJ, so if you're truly curious, then you can check there too.

*scurries away*
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